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At Internatonal Martial Arts, we strongly believe in teaching by example. Fear and force are not the tools of a skilled instructor, and we pledge to our students that they will not find these crude teaching methods utilized here. Instead, our students enjoy friendly, professional instructors who lead them as they explore the martial art known as Taekwondo. We always stress to our students that they should never hesitate to ask questions of their instructors. One of the things we pride ourselves on, as instructors, is our ability to answer difficult questions posed by students. If we cannot immediately answer a question, we find someone who can!

We always love to meet the parents of our students as early as possible. We have found that even a minute or two in between classes is enough for us to introduce ourselves and answer any questions parents might have about their child's program.

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We have two location in Federal Way WA
Members may use both location at anytime.

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